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Dakotah Salisbury

Happy Thanksgiving 2021!

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We have a lot to be Thankful for at JP Excavating, Inc. Many of our employees are thankful for their jobs to provide for their families, the equipment that we use and have the ability to maintain to a high standard, and that we have not had to shut down at any time over the past two years. We are thankful that we have this holiday to reflect on the amazing people, possessions, and activities we have in our lives. We are thankful to have work we can enjoy on a daily basis that has also provided for the food we will eat this long weekend.

JP Excavating, Inc. as a whole organization is thankful that we can continue to run this business and help provide for so many families through the work we do. Yes, this company allows us to provide for our employees financially, but we also have been fortunate that we can provide for our employees’ insurances plus part of their families’ insurances; we provide houses and retail to our home town and those cities surrounding it; we provide materials and equipment through our transportation service; we provide housing contractor jobs by excavating land to make it buildable upon. We are thankful for the city, companies, and people who allow us to continue moving dirt and beautifying land in our gorgeous environment of St. George.

Out on the job sites each day, we become more and more thankful for the beautiful scenery we are able to admire as we work. We are thankful that the weather has cooled off and that we can enjoy the brisk air in the morning and the warm sun in the afternoon. We are thankful for the growth we are seeing in the county’s infrastructure, but also for the people living in it. Washington County is only as great as the people who have built their homes here, and we are grateful to be in a community of some of the greatest.

Most of all, the management at JP Excavating, Inc. is grateful for our employees. New equipment is fun, soft dirt is a grateful break from hard rock, but our employees are who make what we do possible. Our co-workers, supervisors, drivers, laborers, mechanics, and everyone else who is a part of our team is invaluable. Whether new to the company or having their 15-year recognition, the daily work we do would not be possible without each set of hands.

Though we love our work, all of us at JP are also thankful for a couple days off, to celebrate with our family and close friends in this season of gratitude. We are thankful to see our children grow and add new additions to our own families—continually setting more places at the table each year. We’re thankful for our spouses and significant others that we get to share each moment with. We’re thankful for our parents and our grandparents and the recipes of wisdom they pass down to us. We’re thankful for our siblings and cousins who always find a way to make the holidays a little more memorable. We’re thankful for our pets, and their wet noses resting on our legs under the tables, trying to get every scrap of turkey they can. We’re thankful to be home and simply enjoy the weekend. Finally, we’ll be thankful to get back to work with a new, rejuvenated attitude of gratitude.

We are thankful that we’ve had the opportunity to move dirt and beautify the land since 1993 and have that opportunity for many years to come.

From our JP Team to your family, Happy Thanksgiving!